Proud To Be Independent

As a practice we take great pride in being independent enabling us to provide personalised care and attention to both our patients and their owners.

Being registered with an independent practice like Glebe gives you many advantages.

Tailored Attention and Recognisable Faces

Opting for an independent practice offers a significant advantage: the personalised attention and care your beloved pets deserve. When you step into our practice, you're not just another entry in our records. You become an integral part of our extended family. Our team dedicates time to forge a personal connection with you and your animals. We grasp their distinct personalities, medical backgrounds, and specific requirements, enabling us to customise our services accordingly.

Moreover, our team members are more than just colleagues – we form a closely-knit unit driven by a shared commitment to ensuring the utmost well-being of every patient we serve. Thus, you can be assured that your furry companions are under the supervision of individuals genuinely invested in their welfare.

Local Engagement

Embedded within our local community, we reside, operate, and engage just like you do. Our support for neighborhood enterprises isn't merely a passing trend; it's an integral aspect of our lifestyle. When you entrust us with your pet care needs, you're not only prioritising your furry loved ones' health but also contributing to the growth of our community – a decision we all can take pride in.

Adaptability and Inventiveness

Within our independent practice, we possess the liberty to innovate and evolve in response to the dynamic demands of our clients and patients. Unfettered by corporate constraints or stringent regulations, we enjoy the freedom to incorporate state-of-the-art treatments, methodologies, and technologies for the benefit of your pets. From cutting-edge diagnostics to holistic approaches, we consistently explore novel avenues to enhance the caliber of care we deliver.

Enduring Partnerships

Establishing enduring bonds with our clientele and their animal companions lies at the core of our mission. We remain steadfast allies throughout every phase of your pet's journey – from spirited youth to serene maturity. By selecting us as your trusted veterinary ally, you gain access to consistent care and a team devoted to safeguarding your pet's long-term well-being and contentment.

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